Influencer Marketing is the topic on everyone’s lips. People have their eyes fixed on the ball but do they know where to start? Just a quick breakdown on everything you need to know about INFLUENCERS.


  • Smaller scale following, ranging between 500-5000 followers on social media. 

  • Higher success rate than using MACRO/CELEBRITY influencers.

  • Adds personality to your brand.

  • Allows a more authentic and genuine approach to Influencer Marketing.

  • People can easily relate to your brand.


  • Larger scale following, ranging between 10000 and higher.

  • Cheaper option than using a CELEBRITY INFLUENCER.

  • Harder to make an impact on your everyday community.

  • Influencers are considered to be extremely knowledgeable in their field. Some may even call them experts. 

  • Doesn’t allow any room to grow, as they are only knowledgeable in certain things, that might not make a good match to the brand. 

  • Takes longer to find the perfect candidate. Influencers are choosing their own fields and hobbies ect. For example: yoga, art, food, fitness, beauty, animals.

  • Usually they have a huge social media presence, it hard to fill a cup which is already full.

And there you go, all the basic info you need to know before investing in any influences.