Social Media Algorithms & Marketing

Marketers utilising social media to target their consumers are at the mercy of the constantly changing algorithms.  The very nature of the algorithm changes are structured to firstly enhance private user experience and secondly to place marketers in a position whereby they would need to allocate more budget in order to boost their content in order to stand a chance of the content appearing within the consumers newsfeed.

This is very worrisome to marketers considering their increasing digital marketing spend and the imminent need to reach consumers on their social media platforms, as the smart phone has now become the remote control of life and is increasingly the only sure way that marketers know they will reach consumers with the rapidly plummeting traditional media platforms.

The latest FaceBook algorithm change saw Mark Zuckerberg announcing explicitly that “you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands and media” in favour of “meaningful conversations”.  The major new algorithm changes are set to favour family and friends creating a more meaningful and engaging experience in exchange for the influx of third-party content overwhelming FaceBook users’ feeds.

 While these shifts sound positive for the user, it is causing panic in the marketing community.  As with any major algorithm change, brands are frantically trying to figure out how they can keep their content in front of the FaceBook audiences.

Unfortunately, publishers and brands who rely on traditional media outlets will be affected the most, as FaceBook reduces brand curated content in favour of individual posts.  That being said, the change is good (actually great) news for authentic and micro-influencer marketing (and brands that use it).