Stop treating your consumers like they are idiots

Increased consumer scepticism and an every-increasing connection to digital content, specifically user generated content has shifted the power of the brand to the consumer.

Consumer demand for authentic marketing is not limited to a single generation.

The recent results released by AdWeek key findings included that only 3% of Millennial’s look to traditional media (television, magazines, newspapers) whilst the staggering majority look to blogs and their friends / community social media platforms to get advise on brands or purchasing decisions.

Marketers have been versed that “Content is King” and that we are  in the “Content Marketing era”, the only problem with this, and it is substantial that even if you have the best content, if they don’t trust your delivery, they will not bother looking at it.  

Brands can no longer script their content and expect a positive result from influencers posting their scripted messages.  Consumers are well versed at sniffing out hypocrisy and opportunism. The delivery of the message is subsequent to the content of the message being authentic and from the style of the influencer.