Quality vs Quantity – the great "Reach" debate: "Go Deep, not Wide"

Analytics do not tell the whole story.  Brands need to have less focus on chasing inflated media and reach numbers and focus more on creating content that brings value to your consumers.  1000 views and a 100 comments are much better than 10 000 views and one comment. Brand managers insistent on analytics can do the ratio conversion on the above metrics in order to report effectively.

Interaction with your market allows for authentic focal research groups made possible via online social media platforms and offline trigger points, and immeasurable product / brand feedback.

There is a psychological quality to branding and marketing that is sometimes hard to quantify – brands need to care and show people the quality of who they are and what you are and what you do that improves a consumers life.  This is the humanising factor.

It is not about running ads and quantifying every click and mathematical variable, it is about hacking culture.

The business world is separated into two camps – conversion based sales-people and the branding / marketing people.  The former are short-term players, the latter are long term. With no disrespect meant toward sales, we need to re-learn how to be branding and marketing people, because the great, life-changing upside resides in the long-term thinking, not figuring out how to make a quick buck from your consumer.