User Generated Content: "Narcissistic vs Quality" GENERAL

"Today I’m drinking iced coffee.  I’m drinking it with a silicone straw because it’s BPA free, and I like cinnamon in it because it helps with your blood sugar.  The new outlet is ideal and convenient in my morning routine and offers me a guilt-free pick-me-up daily". Every single post needs to leave your audience with something or else it is narcissist.  The content needs to have the applicable trigger points to the social media platform – text, hashtags, pictures, video, and should be adaptable and enable cross-pollination with other social media platforms.  

All social media platforms start out as social networks, and eventually morph to become content management systems (with the exception of SnapChat).

Done wisely, this engagement will compel people to seek out your brand content elsewhere and form their own personal relationship.

Brands need engagement, conversation and consumption on all social media platforms.