Social Media Influencer campaign metrics

A recent comprehensive study conducted by World Wide Worx (South Africa's leading independent technology market research organisation) in partnership with social media intelligence platform Continuon to analyse the effectiveness of varying degrees of influencers (from celebrities to micro-influencers) analysing 100 million pieces of data and over 5.25 million unique individuals that engaged with various social media platforms over a 3 month period.

A startling finding of the research was that influence had nothing to do with the size of the following, either of the brand or of the influencers.  Far more significant was the authenticity of the messenger.

"A celebrity sharing or endorsing a brand message, and getting a million likes or retweets, may not be as influential as the number suggests.  Yes, they are getting a reaction, but the reaction is purely reach." This is lacking the authenticity that consumers demand, and the invaluable ability to engage, the personal element of brand development and association is not achieved.

The opportunity for brands to create a meaningful experience and mutually beneficial exchange of information that instils value is vital.

"Resonance" and "Relevance" are trumping "Reach" in terms of effectiveness  and impact in Influencer campaign metrics.