What We Do

Market Jar specialises in micro-influencers, by offering brands “real people” that deliver authentic online content and subsequent offline content. Our micro-influencers are the backbone of our offering, and with data on 1000’s of influencers that includes analysis on every facet of their everyday habits, both online and offline, Market Jar can offer the ideal selection of influencers for a brands objectives and target market.

Our brand selected micro-influencers (as these are real people first and foremost, and do not even consider themselves as “influencers” in the marketing narrative) attend a basic User Generated Content course (to fine tune their social media skills). They also attend a detailed brand education session once selected, and are familiar with the brand objectives for the campaign.

Market Jar specialises in delivering impactful and authentic content for brands, with the ideal selection of micro-influencers for a brand, with the data of 1000’s of potential influencers that demonstrates their online and offline habits, and analysing the influencer posts from real profiles.