Why We Do It

Communicating Content effectively to Consumers – one of the biggest issues facing marketers (besides the ever changing social media algorithms and the demand from consumers for authentic content) is the ability to speak to consumers in their own language. This is not a reference to the vernacular languages, but rather the language style of delivery from a trusted source.

Every marketer or brand has the same core challenges on how to reach their market, how to harness the attention of their market and how to deliver quality and authentic content to their market.

Brands embark on creating remarkable content as the natural base of embarking on an effective strategy, but if consumers don’t actually interact with that content or take the delivery of the content as a trusted source, these efforts are done in vain by the brands.

The natural synergy of content marketing and micro-influencer marketing is where the impactful results are noted authentically.

Once the trust factor has been established through the usage of micro-influencers and their user generated content, consumers will look to engage with brands further, both online and offline.

Micro-Influencers are paramount to brands to ensure that effective communication with consumer markets are achieved.

Micro-Influencers offer the correct language style and delivery of brand communications in real-time.

Market Jar through its micro-influencers facilitates conversations with / between brands and their audience. We create opportunity for meaningful experiences and mutually beneficial exchanges of information that instil value, build relationships with brands and their current and potential markets. Social Media Algorithms & Marketing: Marketers utilising social media to target their consumers are at the mercy of the constantly changing algorithms. The very nature of the algorithm changes are structured to firstly enhance private user experience and secondly to place marketers in a position whereby they would need to allocate more budget in order to boost their content in order to stand a chance of the content appearing within the consumers newsfeed. This is very worrisome to marketers considering their increasing digital marketing spend and the imminent need to reach consumers on their social media platforms, as the smart phone has now become the remote control of life and is increasingly the only sure way that marketers know they will reach consumers with the rapidly plummeting traditional media platforms.